Drain Maintenance in Las Vegas

Pouring drain cleaning chemicals into clogged drains, pipes or septic tanks to solve all your plumbing problems is a myth. We don’t recommend this practice. In fact, many people don’t know that drain cleaning chemicals often cause harm to drains, pipes, and septic tanks and will do more harm than good when used repeatedly.

In the kitchen, the garbage disposal is often viewed as a remedy for a clogged drain. In reality, reducing fibrous materials such as celery, potatoes, carrots etc will help keep the water flowing.

As a trusted plumber in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, a Superior drain cleaning service can eliminate drain clogs and blockage without harming the drain itself. Our team always works quickly to ensure the smallest amount of disruption to your household.

Drain Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid

Drain cleaning chemicals are toxic and harmful to your pipes. The corrosive chemicals actually heat up pipes as they breakdown the clog. Over time, this heating action can compromise the integrity of the pipe. If you have a septic system, these same products can damage the essential chemicals required to breakdown sewage. In addition, breathing in the fumes causes irritation to the nose, throat and eyes. While chemicals seem like an easy fix, they’re not a recommended option.

Some common causes of a clogged drains are:

  • accumulation of hair
  • food waste and fibrous materials
  • soap, grease and oil build-up
  • dirt build up from hand washing
  • toilet paper and feminine hygiene products
  • small objects
  • underground tree roots

If you have a drain issue that can’t be solved organically, contact the trusted plumbers at Superior Plumbing & Drain. Our experienced team is on call 24-7 for any plumbing need. We’ll quickly get your drain working properly and keep the water flowing.