Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing can disrupt regular business operation. We understand the importance of fast response times to reduce hazards and business disruption. With clogged drains, leaky pipes and main water pipe breaks, a reliable plumber is a great thing to have on hand.

A call to Superior Plumbing & Drain can be done with confidence knowing we are commercial plumbing experts. Licensed, bonded and certified, we have serviced Las Vegas for more than 30 years.

Our team is well equipped to address larger issues like rebuilds and expansion of commercial space too. Superior works with property owners and management companies for apartments, condominiums, home owners associations and multi-unit complexes.

Our licensed, professional team handles any plumbing need including:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Complete bathroom and kitchen remodels
  • New fixture installation
  • Leak detection
  • And More...

Family owned and operated, Superior Plumbing & Drain is your source for commercial plumbing issues.

In addition to commercial buildings, we also handle residential plumbing. When household drains, pipes, toilets and faucets fail, the mess can be just as disruptive as in a commercial building.

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is a major plumbing issue. Often times the smallest plumbing problem can turn into a major issue if left unchecked. Here’s a list of common household plumbing problems that should be fixed when detected:

  • Leaky faucets increase water bills and cause excessive mineral build up
  • Water heater leaks damage dry wall, carpet and tile if left unattended
  • Outdoor faucets can damage stucco on a home, create stagnant water and attract insects

If you have a commercial or residential plumbing issue like clogged drains, leaky pipes or water heater problem, call the Superior Plumbing team today. We are on call 24-7 to address all your plumbing needs.