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Water Pressure Troubleshooting

water pressure troubleshooting

Ensuring water pressure troubleshooting is done correctly is vital for an efficient plumbing system. When dealing with water pressure issues, a systematic approach to troubleshooting can help pinpoint and resolve the problem effectively. Here’s a guide to troubleshoot water pressure concerns:

Individual Fixture Examination: 

Begin by checking various faucets and fixtures in your home. If reduced pressure is isolated to one area, it might indicate an issue specific to that fixture or its supply line.

Pressure-Reducing Valve (PRV) Inspection:

For whole-house pressure problems, investigate the pressure-reducing valve. This valve regulates water pressure from the main supply line. Adjusting or replacing a faulty PRV can restore normal pressure.

Verify Open Shut-Off Valves: 

Ensure all shut-off valves leading to appliances or fixtures are fully open. Partially closed valves can limit water flow, causing reduced pressure in particular zones.

Clean Fixtures:

Mineral deposits in faucet aerators and showerheads can obstruct water flow. Cleaning these components can significantly improve water pressure and flow.

Detect and Address Leaks:

Leaks, even small ones, can impact water pressure. Check for leaks around fixtures, pipes, or in crawl spaces. Repairing leaks promptly can help restore proper pressure and prevent damage.

Check Pressure Tanks (for Well Systems):

In homes with well systems, issues with pressure tanks can cause pressure fluctuations. Inspect the tank for waterlogging or malfunctioning pressure switches, seeking professional help for repairs.

Water Meter Valve Inspection:

Ensure the water meter valve, usually near the street, is fully open. A partially closed meter valve can restrict water flow into the house.

Professional Assistance:

If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s advisable to consult a licensed plumber. Plumbers have the expertise to diagnose complex pressure problems and implement suitable solutions.

Maintaining consistent water pressure is crucial for your plumbing’s performance and your daily comfort. Should you encounter persistent low water pressure or find it challenging to identify the cause, reach out to Superior Plumbing and Drain. Our skilled team is equipped to diagnose and resolve water pressure issues, ensuring your plumbing functions smoothly.

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Garbage Disposal Care

Garbage Disposal Care

At Superior Plumbing and Drain, we advocate for proper garbage disposal care to ensure its longevity and efficient functionality. A well-maintained disposal not only minimizes kitchen inconveniences but also prevents potential plumbing issues. Here’s a comprehensive guide on caring for your garbage disposal:

Regular Cleaning: 

Keep your disposal clean by regularly flushing it with cold water and dish soap. This helps remove residue and odor-causing buildup, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment.

Avoid Hard Materials: 

Refrain from grinding hard materials like bones, fruit pits, shells, or coffee grounds. These can damage the disposal blades and cause blockages, impacting its efficiency.

Use Cold Water: 

Always run cold water while operating the disposal and for a few seconds afterward. Cold water helps solidify grease or oil, preventing them from sticking to the blades and pipes.

Avoid Overloading:

Feed small amounts of food waste into the disposal gradually to prevent overloading. Large quantities can strain the motor and lead to jams or clogs.

Citrus Peels for Freshness:

Grinding citrus peels (lemons, oranges, etc.) periodically helps eliminate odors and leaves behind a refreshing scent.

Ice Cubes and Baking Soda:

Ice cubes can help sharpen the disposal blades, while baking soda eliminates odors. Periodically grinding ice cubes and baking soda keeps the unit clean and fresh.

Use Properly:

Be mindful of what goes into the disposal. Starchy, stringy, or fibrous foods like pasta, celery, or onion skins can tangle the blades or create blockages.

Address Clogs Promptly:

If the disposal becomes jammed or clogged, avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Instead, use a disposal wrench or call a professional to troubleshoot the issue.

Regular Maintenance:

Schedule annual inspections by a professional plumber to ensure the disposal’s components are functioning correctly and to address any potential issues early.

Safety First:

Prioritize safety by never placing your hand or foreign objects down the disposal. Always disconnect the power source before attempting any maintenance. Safety first when attempting garbage disposal care.

In conclusion, by following these garbage disposal care tips, you can prolong the life and maintain a smoothly running kitchen. At Superior Plumbing and Drain, we’re dedicated to providing expert advice and assistance to keep your disposal and plumbing in optimal condition. Trust us for all your plumbing needs and enjoy a hassle-free kitchen experience!

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Water Heaters in Las Vegas

water heaters in Las Vegas

Hot water heaters in Las Vegas can fail due to the minerals in our water, known as hard water. The hard water causes a build-up inside the water heater and plumbing systems usually causing a material failure. Plumbing failures are detected when water begins leaking from pipes or water heaters. An important step to keeping your water heater working is a regular inspection. Here are a few additional notes about water heaters in Las Vegas.

Water Heaters in Las Vegas

The main job of the water heater is to warm up water for use on dishes, in the bathtub and in the sink or shower. The water we use travels through a series of pipes before entering the home. Once it reaches our walls, water is diverted to the water heater for proper warming before use. The water heater, usually located in an outside water closet or the garage, is the large cylinder with pipes coming from the wall.

The water heater includes a few components that need regular checks including the tank, shut-off valve, thermostat, drain valve and anode rod.

Most water heaters fail when the inside of the tank rusts and the tank leaks. For this type of failure, the entire heater must be replaced. This is the most expensive because the pipes and the heater itself should also be replaced.

Regular maintenance of the water heater helps prolong the life of the unit. Draining the unit once per year is a great first step. This is easy to do as long as the drain has a hose bib connection. Consult the manual for more details.

The Anode Rod

A regular check of the anode rod should be done annually. The rod is suspended from the top of the unit and drops down into the water tank. The anode rod attracts minerals in the water to help remove minerals and keep the tank from rusting. This rod is designed to disintegrate after it reaches capacity. Most homeowners or renters don’t realize the rod should be replaced annually or every two years depending on use. Calling a licensed plumber helps identify these issues.

Superior Plumbing & Drain

We are locally owned and operated. As a result, we treat every customer like family. For help with your hot water heater in Las Vegas, call Superior Plumbing & Drain today at (702) 478-9643.

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Summer Plumbing in Vegas

Summer plumbing in Vegas

Summer plumbing in Las Vegas has many challenges. In addition to regular hard water challenges, the Las Vegas heat and additional summer use causes its own set of problems. We’re here to help identify potential issues before the become a major water issue. Our professional team is on call 24/7 and ready to serve when needed.


As we use our kitchens to cook more vegetable son the grill and larger meals for our guests, the disposal gets more use. Be sure to remove large, fibrous items before turning it on. Larger items like corn husks and vegetable stems. When ground up, they don’t go all the way through the pipes. This leaves smaller pieces that cause odors and additional blockage.


The harsh heat leads to busted pipes. For sprinklers in the yard, they are usually in the direct sunlight. While the pipes are underground, the water in the pipes is still hot which can cause the pipes to expand. The constant expansion and contraction of the pipes makes them weak. In time, this leads to a pipe failure and leaks or floods. Summer plumbing in Vegas can be difficult, call Superior today.

Superior Plumbing & Drain

As a family-owned company, our team treats every job like a family visit. We wear the proper foot protection to guard against floor scuffs and scrapes. We also come in a clean uniform to every job. It’s -our dedication to our customers that sets us apart from the competition. For an appointment, call our office at (702) 478-9643 and we’ll get you on the schedule.

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Las Vegas Plumbing Emergencies

Las Vegas Plumbing Emergencies

Unexpected Las Vegas plumbing emergencies can disrupt your daily routine. They cause stress which is why you need a crash course in Emergency Plumbing 101. Superior Plumbing and Drain understands the importance of being prepared to handle these sudden crises. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating emergency plumbing situations:

1. Shut Off the Water: 

In the event of a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or any significant water leak, locate the main water shut-off valve and turn it off immediately. Knowing the location of this valve beforehand is crucial to prevent further water damage.

2. Assess the Situation: 

Evaluate the severity of the issue. For minor leaks or clogs, you may be able to contain the problem until professional help arrives. However, for major issues like a burst pipe, it’s essential to act swiftly.

3. Contact a Professional: 

Once the immediate threat is contained by shutting off the water, contact a licensed emergency plumber. Explain the situation clearly to ensure they understand the urgency and nature of the problem.

4. Temporarily Contain Leaks: 

Use temporary measures such as towels, buckets, or plumbing tape to contain minor leaks until the plumber arrives. However, avoid making permanent repairs if you’re not confident, as this might complicate professional repairs.

5. Address Clogged Drains: 

If faced with a clogged drain, refrain from using chemical drain cleaners. Instead, attempt to clear minor clogs using a plunger or a drain snake. For stubborn clogs or if unsure, wait for professional assistance.

6. Turn Off Appliances: 

If water is leaking near electrical appliances or outlets, turn off electricity to that area to prevent any risk of electrical shock. Safety should always be a priority in plumbing emergencies.

7. Keep a Plumbing Emergency Kit: 

Prepare a basic emergency kit containing a plunger, plumbing tape, a wrench, and the contact information of emergency plumbing services. This can be invaluable during unexpected situations.

8. Preventative Measures: 

Regularly maintain your plumbing system to prevent emergencies. Schedule annual inspections and address minor issues promptly to avoid larger problems in the future.

Superior Plumbing

Being equipped for Las Vegas plumbing emergencies and taking prompt action helps mitigate damage and inconvenience. Therefore, for any plumbing emergency, Superior Plumbing and Drain is here to provide swift, reliable assistance. Prepare, stay calm, and know that help is just a call away.

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