winter plumbing tips

Winter plumbing tips in Las Vegas are essential especially because night time temperatures dip below freezing. The temperatures do get cold enough to allow for snow and that means freezing pipes. To keep the water flowing during the winter months, we have assembled some winter plumbing tips just for you:

Tip #1

You should always know the location of your homes main water valve. In case of a major incident, such as a pipe bursting, it’s critical to know where the main water valve is located. This valve is usually located next to the water meter and should be kept in good condition. To maintain your home’s main water valve and keep it in working order, open and close it once a year. Typically this is easy but call a friend if you need some help.

Tip #2

Make sure your water heater runs properly. Your water heater is more important in winter than any other time of the year. Now is the perfect time to make sure it is running optimally. A professional plumber can service the unit by checking the tank’s sacrificial anode rod and making any repairs or replacements necessary due to wear or corrosion. When it comes time to adjust the heater’s water temperature, don’t set the dial above 125 degrees F. This will prevent scalding water as well as reduce energy waste.

Tip #3

Don’t clog the drain with food waste. The holidays inspire some of the largest meals you’ll prepare during the year, so how you dispose of cooking-related messes, leftovers, and table scraps can significantly impact your plumbing system.

For example, fats or oils accumulate while preparing many meals, but these leftovers should NEVER be poured down your drain as they can congeal and clog pipes. Instead, allow grease to congeal in the cooking dish and then scrape it into the trash.

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